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Why subscribe?

Creator ecosystem on LinkedIn is growing rapidly

LinkedIn’s true north measure of creators, DCC (Daily Content Creators) has hit 2.8m in 2022 and continues to grow at 28% per year. With the strong tailwind, it became very important for us to create features that ensure members are consuming content from their favorite creators.


Today, creators are fighting for attention on the Feed

However, the Feed is the only surface creators are relying on to get their content out. There is an opportunity to maximize the reach of the creators’ content to make sure that their efforts were not lost in the sea of posts.


Members are having a difficult time discovering the Bell

Initially the Bell icon was positioned in the Profile so that it minimizes the impact to the Profile’s metrics. However, the metric goals were not met, and through user research we found out that most users did not notice that the Bell icon appeared upon Following someone.


Discovering a better placement for the Bell

Through multiple rounds of iteration and design critiques, I’ve explored different potential placement for the Bell icon. Each has its unique benefits, so it was important to get assist from the User Research team to test and make a data-driven decision.


Improved presence of the Bell

By working together with the Profile team, we’ve reached an agreement to run an experiment by placing the Bell in a contextual place right next to the Follow button.

We expect this new position will help the members naturally discover the Bell button much better than the current position.


Adding Mute functionality for even better control

Because of the professional nature of LinkedIn, members may want to stay connected but may not be interested in their content. To help members take even better control of their content ecosystem on LinkedIn, we’re now offering a way to Mute notifications if members decide to.


Designing for scalability

Notification settings are required on multiple surfaces on LinkedIn, such as Pages, Search, and the Feed. I've closely collaborated with cross-pillar partners to ensure that the Subscribe Bell framework scales to their respective surfaces.