My Benefits offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard that summarizes all available PayPal benefits for the users. It aims to increase user engagement with various PayPal benefits.


Many consumers displayed confusion towards PayPal’s benefits.

According to PayPal's 2016 Consumer Segmentation research, many consumers think that PayPal is confusing because of the fragmented experience, making it difficult for the existing and non-users to discover and fully realize the benefits of using PayPal as their primary payment method. Solving this issue is expected to increase the onboarding figures and engagement rate for PayPal.


I was tasked to create modules that accommodate for the three possible user types: potential, new, and existing users.

2016 PayPal Consumer Segmentation Research Data Distillation revealed a total of six major consumer segmentation within the PayPal user base. Among the six segments, I selected three highest performing consumer segments to tailor the My Benefits experience to.


I analyzed PayPal's 2016 Consumer Segmentation research data to fully understand where the confusion was coming from.

2016 PayPal Consumer Segmentation Research Data Distillation revealed a total of six major consumer segmentation within the PayPal user base. Among the seven segments, I selected three highest performing consumer segments to tailor the My Benefits experience to.

Top 3 consumer segments

Life Discoverers

Life Discoverers are fast movers and early-adopters. They constantly strive for new and unique experiences, and possess relatively high overall PayPal usage.

"I like to discover cool new things but keep things cheap.
I want to live fully today, but not at the expense of tomorrow."

Life Climbers

Life Climbers are the dream chasers who want to live the moment. It is the largest segment across domestic / international markets, and a highly profitable segment.

"Financial options are complicated and time-consuming.
I want convenience so I can focus on getting out and living life."

Life Architects

Life Architects possess the highest overall PayPal usage. They are the most influential performers in various industries and are always striving to be the best.

"Inefficiency is my enemy.
I feel I have control when I'm kept informed and capable."

Insights from segmentation synthesis

In order to better understand the problems and needs of our main segments,  I have identified keywords (nouns, action verbs, and adjectives) from interviews across the three consumer segments and came up with a coherent theme for each of the segments by affinity diagramming.

'Life Discoverers' Insights

  • Seek freedom and experiences that make them unique.
  • Seek ease of use, so they can focus on the core experiences.
  • Welcome active advice on finances if it helps them earn new experiences.
If PayPal features are intuitive and easy to understand, they will welcome them as long as they help them get to their unique experiences.

'Life Climbers' Insights

  • Want a convenient way to make better financial choices.
  • Need guidance to keep track on their finances.
  • Welcome better options that help them live their life to the fullest.
Life Climbers require a financial personal trainer to help them figure out how to make the right choices and focus on living life.

'Life Architects' Insights

  • Seek optimization to help with identifying financial options that are best for them.
  • Want transparency to see all the details to make the right decisions.
  • They always appreciate more choice.
Life Architects require optimization of PayPal features, as they already have sufficient knowledge about PayPal features.

Synthesis conclusion

A coherent theme present across the three segments was that they would appreciate convenient ways to see multiple financial options and advice that would help them make better financial decisions.



Create a cohesive dashboard with all of PayPal benefits.

Based on the segmentation synthesis results, we decided to create a dashboard that would help users discover new benefits, track their benefits' progress, and to easily activate / deactivate particular benefits.

Feature Hierarchy

I first identified all types of available PayPal benefits, and explored the different sub-elements for each of the benefits. For example, Purchase Protection feature would consist of several sub-elements such as: enrollment status, open a dispute and dispute progress.
The features were then customized with the three types of users in mind: Potential, New, and Existing.


The key question was:
How to utilize the module's real estate so that it contains useful information for the different types of the users, while giving useful assistance to the top three target segments?

I explored this question by iterating different types of elements within the confined space of the modules.

My Benefits modules

My Benefits page includes multiple modules that each represent a single PayPal benefit. The modules include real-time data and actionable CTAs to allow management of your PayPal benefits.

Dynamic module states

The content of the modules are dynamic; they will adjust according to the user three user states: Potential Users, New Users, and Existing Users.

Potential users will see persuasive targeted messaging as their empty-state. The messaging will persuade new users by showing them the popularity of the particular PayPal benefit. Together with the Sign Up CTA which allows easy onboarding process for willing potential users, they will boost PayPal onboarding figures.

New Users will be shown a placeholder image with an "Open a dispute" CTA which allows them to take immediate actions when needed.

Existing Users can real-time track their current progress of their opened dispute, and take multiple actions such as "View All Returns" and "Open a dispute".

Potential users are met with persuasive targeted messaging with a "Sign Up" CTA.
New users can take immediate actions through the "Open a dispute" CTA.
Existing users can view real-time tracking of current progress, and multiple actions CTA.

The go-to dashboard for all PayPal benefits.

Pay After Delivery. Purchase Protection. Free Return Shipping. 
Take control of all PayPal benefits without compromise.


A collection of the My Benefits module designs.

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