LinkedIn Summer 2019

A brief story of my LinkedIn Summer Internship 2019 @ San Francisco, Content Experience team, where I worked on various features including the Feed, My Networks, met a bunch of great people and fell in love with San Francisco.


UX Designer, Intern


May 2019 - August 2019

Content Experience Team

Introducing my team, which also happens to be the coolest team @ LinkedIn 😎

The Content Experience team designs the key features on the LinkedIn platform, especially on the Feed. This includes everything but not limited to: Feed, Hashtags, Comment sections, News Series, Live Videos, Reactions, and more. We create the core features that makeup your LinkedIn experience!

Work 🖥

Main Project — Hashtag Reshare

The project is now available for viewing.

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In early 2019, LinkedIn introduced the new Hashtag Header on the Feed, with emphasized visuals on the Hashtag. The new design helped boost Hashtag posts' performance since the posts were on topics the members cared about.

Problem Space

Hashtag Reshare breaks the newly introduced Hashtag framework

However, the new Hashtag framework showed its limitations for the Reshare posts. Both the original and reshare actors are complete strangers outside of members' network — members only see the post because they're following certain hashtags. The original actor's prominent visual was making the members wonder why they were seeing posts from strangers — causing the members to categorize the posts as irrelevant.

I worked on creating a new scalable design for the Hashtag Reshare posts to not only regain the lost value of the Hashtag Reshare posts, but also to apply it on future reshares of other entities, such as Groups and Events.

Play 🙌

SF Design Week

Cool events, people, and hosts.

One of the perks of interning in San Francisco was being able to go to all the SF Design Week events and meet very cool people, like Charles Nix of Monotype, and John Maeda!

Also, LinkedIn hosted a Portfolio Review session for the SF Design Week, and I got to participate as one of the volunteers to help review portfolios of many designers who came from diverse backgrounds.

Design Open House

A unique design event, for designers, by designers @ LinkedIn.

LinkedIn UX Design Interns hosted a Design Open House event for Bay Area designers to come learn about LinkedIn's design culture. We hosted multiple booths for all the different design teams @ LinkedIn, and also held a Q&A session to answer any questions designers had about LinkedIn, and about design in general!

Las Vegas Day Trip

A UED day trip to Las Vegas.

LinkedIn UED team had a pleasant surprise for us — a fully funded day-trip to Las Vegas! Not only that, a big fat limousine was waiting for us, and we got an exclusive tour of The Cosmopolitan hotel's series of Penthouses. We also went shopping in fancy malls, took bunch of pictures and came back to SF exhausted. But it was totally worth it!

Disneyland Trip

Just a week after the Vegas trip, yet another trip was planned — this time to Disneyland.

This time, the entire intern cohort took an overnight bus trip to Disneyland! The new Star Wars section opened up just in time, so we had so much fun exploring and taking pictures of the area!

A Day in the Life @ LinkedIn

I created a couple of videos to showcase the intern life @ LinkedIn.

I had so much fun during the entire internship getting to know the team, the company, and the city of San Francisco. I created a couple of videos to highlight my internship life at LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!