Hyperslides is a presentation platform driven by artificial intelligence. It aims to decrease time spent on creating slideshows and increase the aesthetic by generating beautiful designs automatically based on the user content. The project was supported by Carnegie Mellon’s startup incubator, Project Olympus.


Too many people are misusing presentations that they actually harm their overall presentation delivery.

Too many people bore audiences with amateurish, antiquated animation and typefaces ,and distract speakers from focusing on the crux of their creators’ speeches. Furthermore, traditional presentation softwares such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote use manually adjusted layout, and users are forced to waste too much time on the layout and the design more so than the actual content.


I attempted to understand the core issues of presentation softwares by conducting user research through surveys.

I attempted to understand the core issues of presentation softwares then came up with the Product Definition to decide on the features needed for the web application.

I observed their opinions on presentation softwares and it revealed the following patterns:

45% of the total time spent creating presentations is used for generating content while 55% of the time are used for design and layout.

The users considered content to hold 52%, and the design and layout to hold 48% importance in their presentations. Therefore both the content and the design of the presentation are considered almost equally important.


People are putting to much effort into design, but those efforts don't necessarily pay off as much as they want them to.

Survey results further told me that not only people are putting too much effort into design and layout, but also those efforts don’t necessarily pay off as much as they want them to. Based on these discoveries, to implement a goal-directed design process, I have identified a set of personas for possible users of Hyperslides, and their user goals.


Daniel / Manager

Daniel is a Business Manager of a popular startup achieving rapid growth. Huge part of his job is to work on business strategy presentations and to pitch them in front of the board and the existing and potential investors.

He focuses on getting the facts that help evaluate his strategies and delivering them in an easily comprehensible and attractive way. He is not skilled in design, and often uses templates to create his slides.

"Charts, diagrams, and corporate branding."

Business presentations rely heavily on variety of diagrams and charts. Furthermore many of them must adhere to specific corporate template to maintain corporate branding.

Helen / Educator

Helen is a teacher at an high school. She is one of the 6 million educators around the world who create presentations for class materials.

Her presentations are heavy with words and images - she creates presentations for all of her individual lessons, which covers the entire syllabus for the year. As a result, she rarely has the time to focus on design. She focuses on getting the contents in and does not bother with design.

"3L: Long content, late hours, simply lethargic."

Teaching materials consist of heavy texts, images and videos. They appreciate the opportunity to reduce the time it takes to layout massive amount of text and images.

Vicky / Student

Vicky is a college student, taking around 5-6 courses per semester. She has noticed that she is required to create presentations for at least 2 courses per semester, and some of these presentations play a crucial role in her final grade.

Not only she must demonstrate her air-tight academic understanding, but she must also focus on the presentation design, as visual presentation is often a criteria worth 10% of the final presentation grade.

"Gotta make those slides for the GPA."

Many schools consider presentation skills important. Students must create contextually rich, visually appealing presentations if they wish to score high.

Persona-based User Goals

Based on the insights from the three personas, I constructed three persona-based user goals that Hyperslides should help the users achieve.

1. Improving time efficiency by automating variety of functionalities without hindering user interaction and workflow.

2. Maximizing content focus by automating all design and layout functionalities, and letting the user primarily focus on content input.

3. Automating, yet giving choices for beautiful design and layout by giving users multiple options for layout, typeface and color scheme.

Hyperslides automatically generates layout based on content.

By separating workspace with the Preview panel, users can easily type and drag all the presentation contents in the workspace panel, and simultaneously watch the design of the slide being created on the preview panel.

Reorder slides easily by dragging the modular content boxes. Users have no need to fiddle with the layout or design, all they have to do is select their favorite layout using the Theme Selection panel.

Not satisfied with the design? Not a problem.

Hyperslides still allows you to choose your own fonts, colors, and formatting from our beautifully selected options. Don't you ever worry if your actions are ruining the design, because we make sure that all the choices available still make your slides look beautiful.

You're just as smart as an AI.

We understand you may disagree with our tastes, or you simply need something more complex than what we are offering.

Mayday, you may disengage your autopilot. Disabling the autopilot will give you full control to all the layout and design controls, including the ability to create shapes, text boxes, and to move and resize any components on the slide freely.

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