Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. in Information Systems
double major in Human-Computer Interaction

Graduation year

May 2020

I'm a UX designer and a design strategist from
Carnegie Mellon University.

Core guiding principle of my design is to strike the balance between user goals and business goals. While users must be considered first in every design process, business goals must also be taken into consideration in order for the product to create true impact. These business goals include monetization strategies, market analysis, and market strategies.

As a design strategist, I also like to focus on envisioning a holistic product ecosystem, where individual features make up a product, and each products work in unison to compose a powerful ecosystem with synergistic influences in people's lives.

"Antonio joined our design team over the summer of 2016 as an intern from CMU. He brought a great attitude, deep curiosity and a strong ethic to work hard and learn. During his time at PayPal he contributed to several key products, designing features of some of our groups most important products. In each of these products he showed thoughtfulness to the customer needs and great attention to the craft of the design.

If he had been available to join PayPal at the end of his internship we would have offered to recruit him. But I expect that after he completes his studies he'll be an excellent addition to any creative team."

Jacob Cohen, Global Head of Digital Design at Bloomberg
(Previously Director of User Experience & NY Studio Lead at PayPal)

Antonio was a design intern in PayPal program during Summer 2016. He is incredibly dedicated, professional, and driven. He is both creative in developing concepts as well as executing ideas.

Antonio is clearly passionate about creating user experiences that meet the consumer needs. His positive attitude and motivation to do the right thing for the user are both parts of his personality. I definitely hope to get a chance to work with him again!

Kevin Fong, Product Designer at Peloton Cycle
(Previously Senior Product Designer at PayPal)

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